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3 Reasons To Avoid Free Webhosting

Developing your business online will require, at some point, that you build a landing page or website. The process to build a website for beginners can be very daunting. Most people who are just starting out have no idea about HTML code and how it works.

Learning how to build a website for beginners can be very complicated. If a person has no background or knowledge of building web pages, they can easily become frustrated and give up. Many people opt for free webhosting when they decide to attempt to build their own webpage.

Here are three reasons why you should not build a page on a free hosting site:

1. These types of sites, although easy to use, will fill your webpage with advertising. You do not get a share of the profits from this advertising, but any traffic that you drive to your page can be distracted by all of the flashy ads.

2. You will be ignored by the Search Engines. You want to have free traffic to your site, but if you are ignored by the search engines, no one will ever see your site. Having your site indexed in the search engines is the best way to get free traffic, so avoid a free webpage for this reason, if no other.

3. Maintenance – many newbies make the mistake of building a website and then all but abandoning them. Having a webpage means maintaining it, checking for broken links, adding new content, keeping it fresh.

Learning how to build a website for beginners can be one of the most ominous tasks to developing a business online. It is very important that you find a program that is simple to use. There are many newbie friendly programs available, look for one that has drag and drop functionality, and avoid those free webhosting pages.

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